The Basics of Different Protein Types



I am frequently asked “What is the best protein powder for my youth athlete?” Well that depends On what you like ,(what you  can tolerate and what your athlete will enjoy drinking to some extent.)

Thus, today’s  Five quick points on Protein Powder
1. What should I look for? Well it’s confusing with all the different types but what is important is the Biological Value,the higher it is the more bio- available it is to the body(ability to absorb) Which types of are best tolerated? (allergies,lactose intolerant), How fast are they able to be digested?( faster slower) Do I need a protein that has an additional carbohydrates added in.

2. and 3.What are the different types of protein available? Which one is the most bioavailble
a. Whey 130-160
b. SoyProtein 74
c. Egg Protein 88
d. Casein 77

4. How fast does each protein type digest?
a. Whey (fast)
b. Soy (slowly)
c. Egg (medium)
d. Casein (slow)

5. Which provides the most complete protien source?
Hands down   Whey


According to The Journal Of Nutrition”Protein in food intake and body weight regulation arises from the fact that protein consumption suppresses short-term food intake beyond what is expected from its energy content alone”  in other words, it is good  for you , can help with appetite control and gives you a good source of nutrients idf you put the right stuff in it. That’s  bang  for your buck

So there you have it a quick overview on “Protein Powders” and some of the main things to look for.

Until Next Time..

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