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This picture was taken at a LA Jets Meet 2008  Birmingham High School 6 Years ago. It seems as if it was just a year or two. A lot has changed but many things are, for now the same. I still have the same passion and drive for the sport I love so much. What has changed is that, I now have new “hobbies” that compete with track as something I could do day in and day out as time allows.

My original focus of TrackMom.com was Age Group Track oriented,now it will be a much broader scope of age group through Pro’s and also much broader topics and post that will reflect my above  mentioned  interests and passions.

My focus as a TrackMom has not changed, but I do focus on much more now on how track affects her academic and  future life endeavors . Fortunately she has always been a very good student and I didn’t have to monitor so much. Now she is  still a good student .But trying to get extra academic activities in with training and regular school work is tough. Need I mention a social calendar, I would have loved  but didn’t have much of  as a teen.

She is a Student Athletic Trainer at Oaks Christian and she takes her job seriously. I am laughing while writing this because while it is a good introduction to the field it really is just a truck load of fun for the kids to be out there on the field while the game is being played. Heck parents  pay to be on the side lines(which I am not one) and enjoy that view as well. Lots of things are important and I am blessed She and WE all enjoying our new journey.

She can't play foot ball but she sure wishes she could Powder Puff her she comes

She can’t play football but she sure wishes she could
Powder Puff here she comes

A male colleague  of mine earlier this week said that “You think very linear”… He went on to say, many men do but he felt women rarely do. I said “is that good or bad?”  It is true, I can be very much like a horse with blinders and the finish line is the only goal,very methodical not a lot of fluffy decorations in my way of seeing the world.

So yes,  I may be more  “linear”  but I still want to  expand my interests pool of topics and I hope you will drop me an email and let me know just what you want to see and hear about on TrackMom.com  What Are You Thinking About?


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New Beginnings Are a Glorious Thing


The First Day Of October    My Day Of New Beginnings       Photo Credit SonShineAndRain



This tree resides just east of my front door. The morning I took this photograph I simply stepped out the door angled  to the right and look up and snapped. I didn’t do any fancy alterations to it at all,what you see is exactly what I saw.

I love autumn. As the leaves  change (although I since I live in So California the changes aren’t as noticeable) there is still a distinct  feel of the settled  cooling that only fall brings.  In nature the autumn equinox  represents a stage of preparation for the winter that will follow .

In my youth I didn’t understand that as such, but I always felt it. When most people were going about the normal business of  coming celebrations of the fall October Halloween, and November Thanksgiving which follows a month later I always  began what I felt was my New Year preparation. I don’t like waiting until January 1st  to begin contemplating another year of life and growth…Yes even as a child I though about those sorts of things  as I watch lots of Mr.Ed and Batman and reruns :-)

October is the month of my birth, right in the middle of the month and I believe I came to understand October as a time of my new beginnings.

Always A Good Thing

I guess it is the impatience I seem to have been “blessed” with. Along with many other things in my TM life with this post, I am back with a new perspective, a grateful attitude if even one person who read my post before has by some miracle happened across my return to one of my  (too) many passions and enjoyments in life. The difference now is I will share a lot more of them right here while I continue to figure out what’s a TrackMom to do as her TrackGirl runs for her dream and into her future.

At any rate if you have been a visitor of TrackMom.com you couldn’t have miss the fact that I abruptly stop writing shortly after (or was it in the middle?) Junior Olympics 2013.  But even before that I was  coming up a little empty on writing posts I thought would be meaningful and fun for my audience .

Thus the hiatus until I figured out why I was writing  and what I want to write about or should I continue to write….. Guess you figured out in part my conclusion….

I  happily welcome you  or welcome you back and invite you join in the newest version of Me  and TrackMom.com . As I cozy up to my  favorite toy..My iMac and figure out just what makes me tick and maybe you too, there will be some new things as Lauren begins her second year of high school and her first season of high school track  as part of Oaks Christian Track and Field Track Team.



Welcome To The “Pride” Oaks Christian




First Day Of School With Lauren's Cousins Miah (SR) Myles (Soph)

First Day Of School With Lauren’s Cousins Miah (SR) Myles (Soph)




TrackMom and TrackGirl   The Journey Continue

TrackMom and TrackGirl
The Journey Continues