This is One of my favorite salads of all time. It taste good and just the right amount of savory flavors make the kids come back for more and not feel to heavy before a race

Caprese Salad On The Go

    It is always so difficult to be the TrackMom "food mind reader" week after week trying to  figure out just what food Lauren "might want to eat". That said I … More


10 Quick Tips For A Busy Sports Mom

    What's In The Snack Bag Mom?  What to Take to the Track Meet   I  know your thinking , ”Track Season is here yet she writing tips on track meet food now” … More

TrackMom Picture

What Are You Thinking About?

This picture was taken at a LA Jets Meet 2008  Birmingham High School 6 Years ago. It seems as if it was just a year or two. A lot has changed but many things are, for now the … More


Are You On The Right Track ?

 I am reminded that more than a few times a runner that looks back  during a race , can lose the race by not focusing on what was ahead.  I Praise The Lord for straightening a path … More